Upcoming Projects

Project Name Location Bid Due Date
Harrison Elementary School (Falling Retaining wall) 3529 City Terrace Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90063 11/07/2017 info & specs
10th Street Elementary School 1000 Grattan St. Los Angeles, CA. 11/14/2017 info & specs
Venice High School 1300 Venice Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90066 11/28/2017 info & specs
Victory Elementary School 6315 Radford Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91606 11/29/2017 info & specs
San Fernando Middle School (HVAC) 130 N Brand Blvd, San Fernando, CA 91340 11/29/2017 info & specs
Audobon Middle School 4120 11th Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90008 11/27/2017 info & specs
Fredrick Towers welcomes bids from subcontractors for projects. Subcontractors whose bids are selected by Fredrick Towers will be required to: (a) execute Fredrick Tower's standard subcontract agreement for their scope of work, copies of which can be made available upon email request; (b) to assume toward Fredrick Towers all terms, conditions, and obligations, relating directly or indirectly to the subcontractor's scope of work, that Fredrick Towers assumes toward the owner in the prime contract for the project, including all plans, specifications, addenda, general conditions, special conditions. The prime contract can be accessed at fredricktowers.com; and (c) provide a payment and performance bond for 100% of the subcontractor's bid price, with the costs of bond being paid by Fredrick Towers. The foregoing requirements may only be modified or waived through a writing signed by Fredrick Towers.